Our Story

A Note From Our Founder

Over the last fifteen years, I've helped shape Madrid's restaurant and event planning scene, establishing myself as a prominent figure within the city's hospitality industry. Despite my achievements, my journey has not been without challenges.

In 2018, I was busy running Murillo Café and Velazquez 17, and my days went about normally. I had no idea that my life was about to experience a profound transformation.

Joaquin, my 19-year-old son, was involved in a near-fatal golf cart accident. He was in a coma for several weeks, and our doctors gave him less than a 1% chance of survival. Even if he did wake up, the prognosis was that he would never be able to breathe, walk or eat by himself. Despite these odds, we refused to give up hope.

After 100 days in the hospital, my son was discharged, and we began a long journey to recovery. I drove him 200 kilometres to therapy every day. The added pressure of Joaquin's reliance on a wheelchair and constant medical support made this period extremely difficult and tiresome.

During these challenging times, planning my outfits was the least of my concerns. In order to save time, I created a series of "uniforms” that allowed me to be comfortable during therapy sessions and that I could also wear for evening gatherings and for supervising our restaurants.

In the time spent in doctors offices and therapy waiting rooms, I began revisiting an old dream of starting a clothing line. My vision was to create timeless basics, adaptable for any occasion, AM to PM. The excitement of this new idea and the consequent planning I embarked on helped keep my mind busy and allowed me to maintain hope. 

In my pursuit of quality and sustainability, I discovered a small workshop in Lisbon where a community of skilled female seamstresses craft garments by hand. We created a lasting partnership, and they help me choose and source local materials that are durable, comfortable and tailored to fit the body perfectly. We work with limited quantities and prioritize fit precision.

After five years of therapy, Joaquin is now fully self-sufficient. Despite underlying speech and mobility issues, he joins me at dinner parties where I display my AM PM jumpsuits proudly. I share our story to highlight how adversity can pave the way for new opportunities.

-With Love, Eliza Arcaya

Handmade With Love at our Workshop